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WSB Top 30 - International women's day (08.03.2021)

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Happy international women's day to all of our female readers - now that the greetings are done lets move to the rankings:

the leader in the Wallstreetbets (WSB) Top 30 Most mentioned for 8.03.2021 is GME.

Palantir comes second with the stock still under pressure and trading below 25USD.

Number three is Tesla (TSLA) - the shares of the electric car maker are trading just above 600USD pre-market.

Oil seems to catch the eyes of the reddit group and investors. We have two oil related ETFs in the new entries list - USO and XLE. WTI and OIL were outside of the top 30 at places 34 and 35.

Good to see that USD is in the chart as well. I hope that this means that retail traders follow the dollar when they trade.

In the biggest movers the top two climbers are Exxon (XOM) and SQQQ which is an inverse leveraged ETF on the Nasdaq 100.

Top 30

New Entries

Biggest Movers

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