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WSB Top 30: 26.02.2021

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

GME and AMC retain their top positions in the wallstreetbets (wsb) top 30, for the last trading day of February.

In the new entries we have ARKK, an etf run by Cathie Wood, who we mentioned in a few of the previous posts. She made some comments on Bitcoin yesterday. I found it amusing to hear that she thinks BTC has diverse use cases. Apart from the value in USD and a mean to exchange for other crypto currencies, I think it's use cases are very limited. But don't judge me, I have always been a supporter of ETH and therefore I am biased.

Also in the new entries, we have a VXX, UVXY, QQQ and SQQQ. This shows to me that the traders in the group are following the recent selloff in risk assets, in particular the NASDAQ.

In terms of stocks we have GMED, SPCE and AMZN.

Virgin Galactic (SPCE) delayed it's next spaceflight test and also the launch of it's commercial service. It closed at 42.24USD yesterday or around 8% lower. Earlier today in pre-market it was trading at 36.64. It's all time high was 62.80 which means that it's trading almost 50% lower from that top.

GMED - is entering the rankings for all the wrong reasons. A thread on wallstreetbets from yesterday shows that a user wanted to buy 50k worth of GME stock, but by mistake bought 50k worth of GMED stock.

Here are all the tables for today:

TOP 30



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