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WSB Top 30 - 1.03.2021

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Wallstreetbets (wsb) top 30 most mentioned is back. The first day of March brings only five new entries. GME and AMC keep their top positions, with Gamestop closing above 100USD on Friday. Pre-market it's trading at 105.82. AMC for now is staying below the 10USD mark, but it's up almost 9% in pre-market trading.

Here are brief descriptions of some of the new entries:

FSR - Fisker Inc is an electric car maker. It's not a surprise that it's in the list. The electric vehicle sector is one of the group's favorite. The stock went up almost 100% in February. It had a strong growth in reservation rate for it's upcoming model. One should note that the predecessor Fisker automotive which manufactured the beautiful Fisker Karma model, declared bankruptcy in 2013. I do hope that this time the business manages to do better. The stock is trading at 27.39USD pre market and the 52 week high stands at 29.27.

RIOT - Riot Blockchain reenters the top 30. It's one of the favorite stocks of the reddit group. As a bitcoin mining company, traders should be monitoring the price of BTC closely when trading this stock.

AAL - American Airlines enters the top 30 at 29th place. With 52 week high at 22.80 and focus shifting to the reopening of economies, we can see some potential momentum to the upside. The stock is trading pre-market at 21.70.

Here are all the rankings for today

TOP 30

New Entries

Biggest Movers

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