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WSB Top 30 - 04.03.2021

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

GME takes the top spot in the wallstreetbets (wsb) most mentioned in last 24 hours. Palantir is second with the stock being under pressure recently because of insider selling after the lockup on some of the shares was lifted. It has consolidated between 23 and 25USD showing that there are buyers at these levels. RKT is number 3, after recording a crazy up day earlier during the week trading above 40USD, it's now trading under 30USD. UWMC - a stock similar to RKT is still in the top 5.

SKT - Tanger Factory outlet centers is at number 5. It has a small market cap with high short interest and pre market is trading at 19.92USD. This is very close to the 52 week high of 20.96. It's also the top climber in terms of positions in the chart.

In terms of new entries:

SLGG - Super League gaming inc., a leading gaming community and content platform enters the chart at number 18. It's up almost 100% from it's February low. This is on news regarding coverage of the stock by an analyst who gave it a buy rating and 6USD target per share.

SNOW - Snowflake inc reported earnings and also had an update regarding it's share structure.

here are the charts for today

Top 30

New entries

Biggest movers

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