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WSB Most Mentioned - 30.03.2021

The new leader in the wallstreetbets (wsb) most mentioned in the last 24hrs is Palantir (PLTR). It's stock price is still struggling - trading more than 50% lower from it's all time highs. ARK investments bought more Palantir shares last week. GME is in second place, followed by Rocket Companies Inc (RKT). The redditors believe that RKT was being shorted by the fund which blew up on Monday, and the theory is that these positions will need to be closed by buying back stock, thus sending the price higher. We will see whether their theory is correct.

New Entries:

Draftkings (DKNG) - the stock tumbled yesterday, after reports that New York politicians are pessimistic about online sports betting being allowed in the state.

Canoo Inc (GOEV) - The company reported smaller losses when compared with results from the year-ago period. This made it trade higher, until yesterday's earnings call, where it appeared that a deal which they had with Hyundai is dead.

Here are the rankings for today:

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