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WSB Most Mentioned - 21.09.2021

The most mentioned ticker on wallstreetbets (wsb) reddit in the last 24 hours is SPY. The SP500 ETF has the lead after a serious selloff in risk assets yesterday. Concerns about the Chinese property giant Evergrande going bankrupt, spread across international markets.

In second place we have SmileDirectClub (SDC) - another target for a potential short squeeze according to group members. It's up by about 3% in pre-market trading.

Ironnet (IRNT) one of the big movers from last week remains in the top 3.

VXX a short term futures VIX ETF is the leader in the biggest climbers, after it traded briefly above 30USD yesterday.

Here are the rankings for today:

Top 30

New Entries

Biggest Movers

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