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WSB Most Mentioned - 16.09.2021

The most mentioned stock on wallstreetbets (wsb) in the last 24hrs is Ironnet Inc (IRNT). After closing at more than 30USD yesterday, today in pre-market it's already up by almost 40%, trading at 44.71 at the time of writing. The Metals Company (TMC) which holds the 3rd place today is also up by more than 40% in pre-market. It seems that these are the new group favorites.

Offerpad Solutions (OPAD) is the leader among the new entries. It enters the top 30 straight at number 4. It's up by more than 30% in pre market trading. The reddit group is targeting a potential short squeeze.

What's the common thing between IRNT, TMC and OPAD? Both de-SPACed recently with heavy redemptions, thus leaving the companies with high short interest.

Here are the rankings for today:

Top 30

New Entries

Biggest Movers

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