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Wallstreetbets most mentioned - 24.03.2021

The top two most mentioned stock on wallstreetbets (wsb) in the last 24 hours remain GME and AMC. At the time of writing this post, Gamestop was trading at 163.92USD, around 10% lower from yesterday's close . AMC found support at 10USD and today it's trading above 11USD or almost 5% higher from yesterday's closing price.

In terms of new entries we have:

Intel (INTC) - the company announced big investments in manufacturing in an attempt to recapture it's leadership status in the industry. This triggered a move up for the stock price yesterday.

TSM - this is the company which Intel is trying to catch up with and hence it's normal that it would also enter the rankings.

Among the biggest movers we have AMD climbing 6 places to take the number 4 ranking in the top 30.

It seems that the last 24hrs were focused on the chip industry.

Here are the rankings for today:

Top 30

New Entries

Biggest Movers

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