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Wallstreetbets most mentioned - 15.03.2021

The new week for the wallstreetbets (wsb) most mentioned in last 24hrs rankings starts with the same leader - Gamestop (GME). It opened at 277.52 and we will see whether it will continue it's move up this week. Second place goes to GME's best friend - AMC. It climbed above 10USD last week and earlier today opened at 12.18USD.

One of the new entries is Lordstown Motors Corp (RIDE) entering the rankings at number 15. Last week it was added to the list of a short seller by Hindenburg Research. I guess the reddit group members took notice, as they like EV stocks and at the same time aren't fans of short sellers. After tanking on Friday, the stock is up today by roughly 3% at the time of writing.

Nokia (NOK) leads the biggest climbers list. On Friday it was reported that it was selected to lead car carrier vessel digital transformation for Kawasaki Kisen Kasha ltd.

Here are the rankings for today:

Top 30

New Entries

Biggest Climbers

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