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Top 30 most mentioned stocks wsb - 23.02.2021

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

The Top 30 most mentioned stocks chart for 23.02.2021 on wallstreetbets (wsb) has a new number 1. Tesla (TSLA) overtook GME in the last 24 hours. The reddit group's favorite stock dropped to number 4.


On the new entries front we have Carnival Corporation entering the chart straight at number 14. The cruise ship company, announced that it's floating 1billion USD in New Stock.

ARKK is the ARK Innovation ETF. It seems that members of the reddit group like the fund manager Cathie Wood and seem to follow what the fund invests in.

QQQ is a etf which follows the Nasdaq index. My suspicion is that it's on the list because of the selloff we saw yesterday and on Friday.

Rocket Companies (RKT) is the largest home mortgage company in the US. It did a IPO last year, which was an interesting time to do it. In my opinion they are brave, going on the exchange when a lot of people are having problems paying their mortgages. Or maybe they are smart? Cashing in before the house collapses. We will wait and see.

PLUG is a company which develops hydrogen fuel cell systems. It dropped recently together with other US companies which are in this sector because of positive news regarding their competitors.

GE - General electric, Goldman Sachs upgraded it's price target for the stock to 15USD.

DIS - Disney. The stock is catching attention as investors look toward the post covid life. It could turn out to be one of the stocks which can capitalise on this, as they run theme parks and also the movie studios can see their revenues climb.

EOD - Wells Fargo Global Dividend Oppty Fund

ARKF - another of Cathie Wood's etfs.

J - Jacobs Engineering Group - a technical professional services firm. It's stock is trading very close to all time highs, so there is some momentum behind it. At the moment the market cap is close to 15billion. At the same time it's important to consider that the 52week low is at 59.29, so the stock has already risen by almost 100%, one can question how much further it can go?

NVDA - Nvidia is going to release earnings tomorrow, so that explains why it's on wsb's radar.

Biggest Movers

CCIV - Churchill Capital Corp IV records the biggest jump in rankings climbing from 28th position to 6th. This is a SPAC which is about to merge with Lucid Motors, an electric car maker. This is the way Lucid Motors is planning on going public.

AMC - another of the group's darlings, it's up by 10% today. With Mkt cap of just 2.43billion and potential reopening of economies, this could be the one to watch going forward.

NIO - a Chinese electric car maker. I read a few posts on wsb and it seems that a lot of the members believe the price of the stock could emulate what happened with Tesla.

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